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Don't Stop Pushing 

I was responsible for shooting all the beach exteriors for this music video as well as co-directing them with music producer Papa Joe Aviance.  I wanted to stress the playfulness of a relationship on the nice happy coastline as well as some added passion under the boardwalk.  Once I started on the edit I moved to the push and pull factor of the affair.  I also took on the duty of Editor.

Not Too Late (Canon XHA1 MiniDV!!!!)

We shot most of this in one day on a DV camera with absolutely no lights and no budget.  Later I intercut some footage from ENERGY (Documentary).  I wanted to stress an electric feel that starts during nightime for a DJ but seeps into the morning as the DJ wakes up and decides to start producing.  The dream fluids linger a little bit and play tricks on Jonathan Morning's mind as he dives into early morning work. 
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